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RAA News: September 2013

Let’s celebrate the RAA’s 50th Birthday.

In 2015 the RAA turns 50. Your historian has some questions for you:

  • How long have you been a member?
  • What do you recall of the early days?
  • Did you know Margaret Clark and some other the other founders?
  • Do you have photos, newspaper cuttings, newsletters or “stuff” that you’d like a new home for or would be prepared to share?
  • Would you be prepared to do a small interview about your memories?

If you would like to deposit or share information please contact me either through the RAA website or at

I’d love to hear from you.

Liz Coviello, “Historian in the Cupboard”


RAA Featured Artist Corner:

Creative clayworks by Marijke Terwisscha and her teapot workshop participants, will be on display in the Featured Artist Corner from September 21 – October 11.  Her Creative Clay Teapots workshop was held in July and was a great success according to her enthusiastic participants, who say they want to “do it again!”  All the works were made using paper clay, then bisque fired, glazed and finished in a Raku fire.

Submitted by Lori Powell



(The pictured teapots were made by Irina Malgin in Marijke’s Creative Clay Teapot Class.)



September Program: CLAY, FIRE & SMOKE with Colby Cramer

Tuesday, September 24 @ 7 pm

Colby is a young man, who is very energetic and enthusiastic about making creative ceramic works.  Also, he is an extremely talented and exceptionally fine potter, who has won many awards and who continually explores and experiments with materials, glazes and firing techniques.  He has become quite the authority.  The RAA is enthusiastic about him coming and presenting a program on his art and the alternative methods of firing (saggar, pit, barrel, Raku, fuming, low temperature salt firing, etc.), he enjoys experimenting with and using.


Workshop:  ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF FIRING with Colby Cramer

Saturdays, September 28, from 10 am – 1 pm & October 5 from 10 am – 4 pm

On September 28th, with instruction and guidance from Colby, participants will make hand built or wheel thrown pots that Colby will bisque fire.  On October 5th, again with instruction and guidance, participants will glaze, then fire the pots, using alternative methods of firing, such as saggar, barrel and pit.  It should be a great experience.


Note:  Satellite Location – Colby’s Ceramic Studio @ Perris Hills Park, San Bernardino   (directions will be given when you sign up)

Workshop Fee:  $70 RAA Members / $75 Non-members with a $15 materials/firing fee, paid at workshop.

October Program:  THE PORTRAIT MADE SIMPLE with Richard Stergulz

Tuesday, October 22 @ 7 pm

Richard Stergulz is a very fine, figurative and plein air, oil painter, while being an outstanding teacher.  During this program, Richard will demonstrate and discuss how he achieves accurate drawings of faces and sets up the light and shadow color families of his paintings, in just 20 minutes.  He will also share some of his amazing work that is realistic in style, with a touch of Russian Impressionism.  This should be a captivating program.  Don’t miss it!

Workshop:  THE PORTRAIT MADE SIMPLE with Richard Stergulz

 Saturday, October 26, from 10 am – 3 pm

In this workshop, Richard will show us how to compare all of the features in a face to get an accurate drawing.  Then he will show how to get the light and shadow families.  This will happen in just 20 minutes.  It takes a very talented artist and teacher to do this, and Richard Stergulz is just that.  Richard will demonstrate in oil, but you can use any medium you wish, for this workshop.


Workshop Fee:  $70 RAA Members / $75 Non-members



Coming in October is a new class, “Introduction to Soft Pastels,” taught by “Patricia Rose” Ford.  She is a well=known and admired artist, who has won many awards for her sparkling, plein air, pastel paintings.

For the past couple of years, Pat (as she is known to many Redlanders), has spent much of her time traveling around the country, painting with plein air pastel groups.  Some of her accomplishments on these trips can be seen on her impressive website,

Currently, Pat has a show in Banning Art Gallery (along with 3 other artists), of Plein Air Paintings created on Catalina Island, “Capturing Catalina Island in Plein Air.”  The show will be up until October 14, 2013.  Also, Southwest Art Magazine will print a brief statement about her pastels in the October issue, along with an add for an upcoming show that she’s in, at the Purple Sage Galleria, in Albuquerque, N.M.  Pat is also a signature member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, among other professional art organizations.

About herself and her work, Pat says, “As a landscape painter, I love the great outdoors, and particularly the scenes of the southwestern desert and coastline.

Currently, I am drawn to plein air pastels, in as I enjoy being in nature, looking at a beautiful scene, and translating the emotions of what I see onto the paper. My hope is that I am able to convey in my art, the feelings of joy and tranquility that I experience when painting.”

Patricia Rose

Pat’s upcoming class will be an opportunity to learn and experience her joy of soft pastels.  She will share techniques of building a soft pastel painting.  This class will be on Tuesdays, October 15, 22, 29, November 5 and 12, from 10 am -12 noon.  A supply list will be available when you register for this class.

Lori Powell,  Adult Education Chair



A new fall season is upon us (although it is a hard realization, with the hot weather we’ve experienced) and a new fall schedule of art classes is out.  Some old favorites are being offered, along with some interesting new ones.  All the classes have artist/teachers who are experienced and capable, and will offer information and motivation for your growth and enjoyment.

Check out the Fall Adult Art Schedule.  It was published in last month’s RAA Newsletter, is on the RAA website and is in the RAA Gallery.  Stimulate, expand and nourish your creative spirit by taking a class!

Lori Powell,  Adult Education Chair




Programs & Workshops

May 23 Program – Bruce Herwig

Bruce is going to present his "How-tos" on marketing your art work.  His examples will be his popular Color Me Redlands coloring books, calendars and Redlands landscape photography.

Tuesday, May 22 at 7 pm.  Public welcome... no charge.

“Georgia O’Keeffe… continued”

With Linda Zoeckler, 4-25-17

The April Program at the Redlands Art Association Gallery will be the lecture and photos, “ Georgia Totto O'Keeffe: Later Works”, by art historian, Linda Zoeckler on Tuesday, April  at 25, 7 pm.

Zoeckler, taught art history at Golden West College, Huntington Beach, CA.

The Gallery is located at 215 E. State St, downtown, Redlands. No charge, public welcome.

Clay Safari Class

Upcoming Class: Clay Safari beginning April 17!

Penny Palmer and Nancy Roeder will teach and guide you on a five week adventure through the clay safari outback at the Redlands Art Association, located at 215 State Street in the city of Redlands.

Penny has been involved in ceramics and teaching hand building, throwing & sculpture over the past forty years with low fire, mid range, wood & kazegama firings, pit and raku firing, and traditional stoneware and porcelain high fire pieces that have made their way into homes and private collections throughout the globe!

“I love working with clay and teaching new and experienced clay artists", Penny states." I am a Studio Potter, dedicated to passing along the knowledge, skills, secrets, shortcuts and techniques that I have gleaned over the course of my lifetime to train the next Studio Potters for our future”.

Nancy excels in hand building and incorporating her unique surface textures, designs and decorating techniques.  she exhibits her pieces locally and they have become sought after in juried art shows.

This new clay safari class will give you hands on experience taming the raw, wild and savage clay into one-of-a-kind pieces that you will decorate, glaze and take home to your collection.

  • 5 Monday nights 6pm - 8:30pm
  • April 17, 24, through may 1, 8, & 22
  • RAA member $75.00*/non member $100.00*
  • Book your passage now! 909 792 - 8435

* There is a one-time $25.00 materials fee for the whole course payable to the instructor at the first class.

Featured Artists

Lori Worby-Krebs 6/24-7/13

Opening Reception June 24 from 3-5 pm

Lori Worby-Krebs is a local artist who has lived most of her life in Southern California. She worked as a high school counselor and teacher in Redlands for 22 years before she decided to follow her heart and paint. She will be the featured artist June 24-July 18 and will be showing her "Dance of Life" series where she explores the idea of dance with abstract figures. She observed so much hatred and division during the last presidential election that dance became her metaphor for letting go; of political distractions that keep people from understanding what is really important in life.

The idea that we can choose how to dance our way through life and face it's challenges with hopeful outcomes became her theme in this progressing series. She calls her art "IF" art because she starts with an "Idea" and then watches her idea come to "Fruition" on the canvas. She says painting ideas helps her explore truths and lessons in life. Her abstract figurative works are colorful and can range from serious to whimsical but her hope is to prompt the viewer to think about everyday life. She uses a colorful acrylic palette to set up the mood and focuses on shapes and values to tell her story. She hopes everyone will enjoy the show and dance with open hearts. "Dance Your Hats Off" was one of the first paintings for the series.

Jennifer Ali 6/3 – 6/24

You are invited to the Art Show and Opening Reception by artist Jennifer Ali on Friday June 16, 6 - 8 pm. Refreshments will be served. Come meet this professional artist of 36 years and see her most recent work.

Linda Richards 5/13 – 6/3

Featured Artist brings her Father’s Vintage Photos to Life

Featured artist Linda Richards from Redlands will be showcasing her vintage themed oil paintings in her show, “Scenes from my Father’s Past,” at the Redlands Art Association Gallery at 215 E. State Street, downtown, from May 13th through June 3rd.

After her father died, Richards discovered negatives of black and white photos he took as a young unmarried man in the late 30s and early 40s. Some were from stage shows in Chicago or New York, some from road trips throughout the country.

Recognizing their importance, she contacted a couple museums to see if they were interested, but the subject matter and featured cities covered too wide a range.

Now she’s finally found them a home -- through her color oil painting renditions.

Richards says it’s been a fun journey to map out his travels.

In several cases, she’s returned to the places he stood to take his photos. “When I was in New York in December, I found the vantage point at Times Square and also one on Wall Street,” she says. She has also discovered how he took them, from the back of a taxi or perhaps his Dad’s car. One of her paintings from Time Square shows her grandfather in the crowd.

“I love how they tell stories, or how they show quirky vaudeville shows popular at the time, and of course, the street scenes are full of vintage cars and even old Checker cabs,” Richards says.

The biggest challenge was also the most fun, choosing what colors to use. Some feature a limited sepia palette, while others like the Time’s Square scenes are full of color.

She’s happy to give them a new voice through her paintings, and to honor her father by exhibiting his original photographs in her show. She also wonders how many people have old vintage photographs in their family that could be put to similar use.

Richards welcomes all to her reception at the Redlands Art Association on Saturday, May 20th from 4 to 6 pm.

From Our Fearless Leaders

May 2017

What an amazing Spring we are having! Fabulous wild flower displays throughout Southern California, snow in the mountains this weekend and incredible meteor showers! It’s been a busy month in the gallery with the Horticultural Garden Tour, and the Vintage Redlands Wine and food tasting tour plus many of our artists are participating in local art shows. Many thanks to the local florists and RAA members who made the stunning floral displays for the gallery. But, it doesn’t stop there, Art in the Park and the Festival of the Arts is just a few weeks away. Happy creating everyone.

Liz Coviello, RAA president