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RAA News May 2015

Art Alive Flowers!

Many thanks go out to our florists who chose a piece of art, or two, to create their own original designs in live flowers. Hockridge Florist, City Florist, and Joanne Ohnemus (Bird Abode) set up their arrangements in the gallery for the enjoyment of the Redlands Horticultural & Improvement Society’s Garden Tour visitors. Hockridge Florist chose a photographic close-up of a sunflower by Bruce Herzig and then had a big white vase full of sunflowers and draping greenery (no, I’m not a gardener!). They also chose an oil painting by Tomi Olson and matched the painting with a square glass vase with salmon/pink tulips. City Florist also chose a sunflower- a giclee print of a watercolor by Maggie Macro. Joanne Ohnemus selected her own multi-media piece, a wooden rainforest scene with colorful birds. Her matching flower art featured succulents and a wooden bird.




Sandy Davies, Publicity

Jewelry Kiln Firing Available

Tia Shira has offered to keep a firing schedule of the small jewelry kiln for any artist @ $10 per firing. The kiln is good for precious metal clays and enamling, etc. Contact Tia to get on her schedule by emailing:

Art-in-the-Park May 23 & 24

Smiley Park will become a gallery for RAA’s Artists at Art-in-the-Park

Redlands Art Association’s artists and craftsmen will exhibit and sell their work at this annual outdoor event. A variety of art will be featured – oils, acrylics, sculptures, watercolors, photography, weavings, hand dyed silks, etchings, glassware, ceramics, jewelry, wood crafts, ETC.

Open Memorial Day weekend, May 23 & 24 from 10 am to 5 pm daily at Smiley Park, adjacent to the Police Annex (old City Hall), on the corner of Vine and Orange Streets, downtown, Redlands.

Check out the line-up of musicians who will be entertaining us at Art-in-the-Park and/or Redlands Festival of Arts: Matt Coleman, Circle Band, Rullian, Darcie Rickert, Jennifer Sparks, Wendy Hunt, Dan Klooster, Third Stream Crossing, Ana Gonzalez, Strange Indeed, Prairie Sunset, Chad Nelson, Stephanie Diane Moore, Shepdogs, and the Claytones.

Also in progress will be Redlands Festival of Arts behind Smiley Library, across the street from Art-in-the-Park. … Fine arts, music, theatrical events, Kid’s Zone, food trucks… A wonderful day of Art!

The Redlands Art Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Sales Gallery and Art Center at 215 E State St, downtown, Redlands displays member’s artwork year round, as well as offering youth & adult art classes. Open to the public Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. However, the Gallery will be closed the weekend of Art-in-the-Park.





Sandy Davies, Publicity


Artist Bios

Many thanks for the new Art Bios which regularly appear in my box – please keep them coming in.

If you are planning to be a Featured Artist, remember to make an Artist Bio for yourself to go up with you show, everyone wants to know a little about the Featured Artist. Please submit a copy to the Featured Artist Coordinator who can forward it to the Newsletter and leave me with a copy as well which I can add to the Bio book.


Liz Coviello, Historian in the Cupboard

Won Koh is First Place winner, citrus category, at the National Orange Show

Won Koh, RAA member, wins First Place for her oil painting of bright red peppers in the National Orange Show annual art exhibit. The art entries are submitted for the Citrus Category or Open Category. Koh’s painting won for the Citrus Category. If tradition holds, her painting will be purchased by the National Orange Show Association for their permanent collection that dates back to the 1970s.

Sandy Davies, Publicity

Kay West, Featured Artist In Spokane, WA

RAA member Kay West will have a select ten iPhone photographs on stretched canvas featured in the Wild, Wild West Show at Manic Moon & More Gallery, Spokane, WA. West’s photos are often highlighted on a number of Instagram hubs. See why! Show will run from May 15 – June 15. If any of you folks are in Spokane area, please drop by. “I’d love seeing my Redlands friends!” Check out her Instagram gallery @kweststudio8.


Our appeal for a Treasurer has met with outstanding success. I am delighted to announce that Kris Bussard has agreed to become the RAA Treasurer. Kris is a practicing artist and CFO of the Alta Vista Credit Union here in town. Please congratulate and thank her when you happen to cross her busy path.

Larry Harvill, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Outside Workshop

Charlie Ciali will teach another workshop in Encaustics at his studio in the desert.

When you think of encaustics, think “hot wax”. Wax is heated and colors added while it’s hot. Then colors are spread on a board, canvas, etc. to create a painting.

  • FRIDAY & SATURDAY, June 19 & 20: 10 am – 4 pm
  • Fee: $190: includes both days; Discounted Member fee: $150


Sign up at RAA

Carpooling to event May 20

Who would like to join me to carpool to this event at Caltech, Beckman Auditorium in Pasadena at 8 pm Wednesday, May 20:  “Watching Paint Dry and Colors Fade: The Intersection of Art and Science”?  Materials scientist Katherine Faber was part of the research team that determined the blank sky in Homer’s 1887 watercolor “For to Be a Farmer’s Boy” was once a brilliant orange-red sunset.  Faber discusses the science in solving mysteries of our most treasured art objects.

Submitted by Winnie Stephany

Email:, Telephone: 909-793-5100

Margaret Clark Art Education Enrichment Fund (MCAEEF)

Annual Report for 2014-2015

It has been a pleasure for the MCAEEF committee to receive, review and allocate grant, scholarship and award funds again for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. As you are aware, funds used are generated by the Classic Film Series and we thank Annette Weis for her expertise and enthusiastic hard work.

The Committee takes its responsibilities very seriously. Providing and enhancing art education in Redlands and surrounding communities is our goal and to help achieve this goal the following projects were funded. The committee not only funds the projects but also monitors and evaluates their progress in order to insure that our resources are being used effectively and appropriately.

Here is a list of the grants, scholarships and awards funded this year:

 Grants to Schools:

Smiley School “Arts Attack” in the Classroom $1000
Kimberly School Artist in Residence $2000
AAA Academy Minimum Day Art $1500
Judson/Brown School GATE After School Art $1000
J. Franklin School Multicultural Art $2000
Grove High School Shakespeare Production (set design) $2000
Redlands e- Acad. Beauty Through The Eyes of Children $2000
Orangewood HS Palm Springs Art Museum Trip $545
AAA Academy Kingsbury and McKinley School Art Clubs $1000
Kimberly School Meet the Masters $3000

Other Grants:

Micah House, Oxford Art Enrichment Classes $1100
Micah House, Chapel Art Enrichment Classes $1100

Scholarships and Awards:

Redlands High School $1200
Redlands East Valley High School $1200
Citrus Valley High School $1200
Orangewood High School $600
Grove High School $350
  • Total amount given for grants: $ 18,245.00
  • Total for Scholarships/Awards $ 4,550.00
  • Total amount funded: $ 22,795.00

RAA is indeed reaching out to bring are education to our community!

Submitted by Jerry Meeker, MCAEEF Chair

Programs & Workshops

Program committee looking for members

The Program committee will be convening in July-August to develop the next Program series.

Committee members help select the artists - demonstrators - lecturers for the Programs. Each member choses or is assigned one of the program artists, handles the contact information for the artist and makes sure he/she has everything for their program.  Once the committee secures the program artists, they don't meet as a committee until the next summer.

Fun and exciting to meet other artists - usually from out of the area.  Contact the gallery coordinators to sign up.  Email: or talk to Liz, Linda, Judith or Sandy at the gallery.

Program Committee looking for program artists

Please contact the Gallery if you have a suggestion for a program artist. We're looking for people to promote the visual arts ... and even teach us a thing or two. For example, we've had painters, sculptors, photographers... they tell us how they got into the arts, how they do their art, how they promote their art and tthen, an art historian who shows us what made them famous.

The new program series start in September.

Give us your suggestions!   Email:

New Program Series – start in September

The Program Committee will be scheduling new lectures and demonstrations for Sept 2017 through May 2018.

Featured Artists

Teri Adams  7/15-8/4

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 22 from 3-6 pm

Redlands artist and graphic designer Teri Adams will be one of this summer’s featured artists at Redlands Art Association. The exhibit will be on view from July 15 through August 4. The artist reception will be on Saturday, July 22 from 3-6 PM.

Adams’ watermedia paintings are abstract, and not so abstract. Her current works grow from landscape and architectural themes, reacting to what she sees and translating it into form, color, texture and shape.

“I like the idea of using old architectural elements to make a contemporary painting.”

She goes beyond reporting what’s been observed. Blurred lines between objective and subjective imagery coexist within her work, with shapes that suggest, rather than dictate. Continually adjusting color, form, shape and texture during the painting process keeps her looking forward to each new exploration.

Davies & Sparhawk 8/19 – 9/15

Sandy Davies

Sandy Davies will be one of the Featured Artists at the Redlands Art Association Gallery downtown Redlands, from August 19 to September 15, 2017. Davies’ watercolors exhibit is concurrent with Judith Sparhawk’s photography exhibit. A “Meet the Artists” reception will be Saturday, August 26 from 5 to 7 pm.

For this exhibit, Davies will be focusing on her love of the small British sports car, the Austin-Healey. Ron Davies, Sandy’s better half, has collected and maintained several beautiful Healeys. Davies’ watercolors will depict the back roads of Southern California, as traveling with her car club bypasses the boring freeways and looks for interesting places off the beaten path. Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of the top down convertible - wind in your hair - as you view her work. However, her travels seldom put the Healey in jeopardy … no gravel or off-roading for the Healey! While watercolors is her love, she has also worked in other media: monoprint, paper collage, acrylics.

Currently, Davies is one of the Gallery Coordinators, staffing the RAA Gallery downtown, as well as publicity and events coordinator . She has been a past chairman of the board of directors, and president of the Redlands Art Association, serving now on the board as secretary. She is a displaying artist in the RAA Gallery and has been since the early 1980s.

A Featured Artist Show by Judith Sparhawk

Bending Reality is the theme of photographer Judith Sparhawk’s Featured Artist Show at Redlands Art Association from August 20th to September 15th.  This is part of a double show featuring the work of both Watercolorist Sandy Davies and Sparhawk.  A reception for both shows will be held on Saturday, August 26th, from 5 to 7 pm.

Sparhawk is well known in the local area for her unique photography, her intricate photo collages, and her beautiful images of Redlands.  She has had her work included in several calendars, national publications and collections.  She has published four books of her photographs and writing. She has won numerous awards in competitions and juried shows.

In recent years Sparhawk has found the most joy and creative inspiration in working with  digital photography, combining images, creating painterly effects, and at times even bordering on surrealism in her work—thus “Bending Reality”.  Her work has developed far from traditional photography, and is both beautiful and thought-provoking. This show will include examples of her photographic art, going well beyond the usual—don’t miss it!

Redlands Art Association’s Gallery is located downtown at 215 E. State Street, Redlands. (909) 792-8435.

The gallery is open from 11 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday.

Lori Worby-Krebs 6/24-7/13

Opening Reception June 24 from 3-5 pm

Lori Worby-Krebs is a local artist who has lived most of her life in Southern California. She worked as a high school counselor and teacher in Redlands for 22 years before she decided to follow her heart and paint. She will be the featured artist June 24-July 18 and will be showing her "Dance of Life" series where she explores the idea of dance with abstract figures. She observed so much hatred and division during the last presidential election that dance became her metaphor for letting go; of political distractions that keep people from understanding what is really important in life.

The idea that we can choose how to dance our way through life and face it's challenges with hopeful outcomes became her theme in this progressing series. She calls her art "IF" art because she starts with an "Idea" and then watches her idea come to "Fruition" on the canvas. She says painting ideas helps her explore truths and lessons in life. Her abstract figurative works are colorful and can range from serious to whimsical but her hope is to prompt the viewer to think about everyday life. She uses a colorful acrylic palette to set up the mood and focuses on shapes and values to tell her story. She hopes everyone will enjoy the show and dance with open hearts. "Dance Your Hats Off" was one of the first paintings for the series.

From Our Fearless Leaders

July 2017

The last two years have been an incredible journey for me. From becoming President of the Operating Committee to President of the Board of Directors, time has flown by. The RAA weathered the recession, but we came out carrying an unsustainable large deficit. So we made cut backs, not always popular, to the coordinator hours, raised our Take-In fees, cut the printed newsletter and were frugal with what we spent. We experimented with opening on Market Nights and later closing for the run up to Christmas. We changed membership from calendar to year round and as a result more and more people are joining RAA either as members showing their art or taking art classes with the membership discount. Adult Education under Joyce Hatzidakis and then Linda Willason expanded and we are offering a broad selection of new classes to the community. Suzanne Burke as Youth Education Coordinator has not stopped, the Home School Program expanded to 2 mornings a week and we currently offer 5 children’s after school classes during the school year. We introduced Opening Receptions for new gallery shows, we’ve invited all our artists to come and sell some of their work or demonstrate their art on the patio on Market Night. We have a new Marketing team who are pushing ahead and trying to make us more visible in the community – have you seen our postcard mailings? MCAEEF continues working diligently with local schools creating the opportunity for art teachers to go into schools, all funded by the Redlands Cinema Classics at the Krikorian Theatre and best of all art sales in the gallery are improving all the time.

I know I’ve missed out lots I would like to thank Candy Glendening and Grace Fermier for their hard work each month ensuring there is an on line newsletter for all of us to read, my fellow board members for their patience with my long agendas and hard work! We have already said goodbye to Diane McLaughlin, Karen Coates and Tony Radcliffe from the board this year and we are now saying goodbye to Jan Harvey and Christine White – thank you all for your hard work. It’s been fun and an incredible opportunity over the last two years to meet and work alongside an amazing talented group of local artists.

Patty and Hayden and Evelyn Ifft are retiring as Featured Artist Coordinators. They do such great work behind the scenes and we thank you both for all your hard work.

My expiration date might be up but I’m not disappearing, I’ll still be working in the gallery. I’m thrilled to be passing the reins to Maggie Macro for the next year. I know it’s going to be an incredible journey for her and I hope she enjoys it as much as I have done.

Remember, Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage” - wishing everyone success in their personal artistic endeavours.

Liz Coviello – outgoing RAA President