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RAA News May 2012

An Evening with Laker Great NBA Hall of Fame Member Jerry West

Benefiting the Redlands Art Association

Friday, July 13, 2012

The evening includes a cocktail reception, gourmet dinner, coffee, tea and amazing desserts.

Participant will enjoy a relaxing, inspirational and interactive conversation with Mr. West, an NBA legend.

The event is limited to the first 50 paid reservations.  Each participant will receive an autographed Basketball, your picture with Jerry and a personalized autographed copy of his new book “West By West”.

Location: Casa Loma Room, University of Redlands

Time: 5:30-9:30 PM

Cost: $500 per person

For Reservations Call the Redlands Art Association: (909) 792-8435

Under the Cowboy Moon

An Evening with Belinda Gail and Dave Stamey

Clock Auditorium, RHS, July 27, 7:30 p.m.

Proceeds benefit the Redlands High School Historic Mural, and RAA Artists are invited to show Western Art!

A celebration of The National Day of the Cowboy, will include this Performance at the high school. RAA is being invited to show Western related artworks in the foyer of the Clock Auditorium on that evening. RAA artists are invited to bring individual artworks that specifically relate to “Western” or “Cowboy” themes. Artists will be responsible for delivery, display and removal of artwork on the afternoon/evening of the performance. Artwork may be offered for sale, or to create “contact” information for future patrons. Any sales “on site” should result in a percentage of the sale going to the fundraising cause.

The Margaret Clark Gallery Committee (MCGC) will be heading up the display and arrangements for the show. All of the proceeds from the Concert admission fees and a percentage of art sales will go directly to an RHS Art Murals Project. Christine Curry Coates will be showing the featured Historical Mural Project, a full rendition of the original RHS Administration Building next to Clock Auditorium, destined for the large, north-facing exterior wall of the Boys Gym. Concert attendees may make donations directly to the project and may choose to buy one of your original pieces of Western Art. RAA artists who would like to display work (and take total responsibility for their participation) may contact Christine Curry Coates, or John Fisher.

An additional opportunity to show Western Art, will be on the following day at Barnes and Nobel for a Western Authors Book Signing event. Again, the MCGC will host an art display on that location for only that day and artists are responsible for delivery, hanging and removal of your work on that day. There are no sales of artwork at Barnes and Noble, however you can post contact information.

The MCGC plans to continue providing more opportunities for Redlands Artists, and RHS Students to do mural projects on the many available walls at RHS. Join in anytime. We can use your help, dedication and artistic ideas. Remember, we can make a difference when we work together.

John Fisher

Opportunity to Show Your Art

Artworks needed for wine tasting event with music:
Saurday, June 23, 1:00 to 4:00 PM, Ed Hales Park
For more information, contact Heather Smith at 909-798-7629

Upcoming Clay Workshop

Spend the day and play with clay; come join us for a two part workshop class. The very talented Clay Artist, ‘Rich (Pops) Lopez” will instruct each student with their own unique piece of ceramic work.

When: June 3rd, from 9 until 4 and September 8th, from 9 until noon.

Cost: $100 plus firing fee.

Upcoming Ceramics Workshop at the University of Redlands

Raul Acero, professor of art at the University of Redlands will be giving a ceramics workshop this summer.
Dates are July 23 to the 30th.
For more information visit

Antoinette Hanson

Programs & Workshops

Program committee looking for members

The Program committee will be convening in July-August to develop the next Program series.

Committee members help select the artists - demonstrators - lecturers for the Programs. Each member choses or is assigned one of the program artists, handles the contact information for the artist and makes sure he/she has everything for their program.  Once the committee secures the program artists, they don't meet as a committee until the next summer.

Fun and exciting to meet other artists - usually from out of the area.  Contact the gallery coordinators to sign up.  Email: or talk to Liz, Linda, Judith or Sandy at the gallery.

Program Committee looking for program artists

Please contact the Gallery if you have a suggestion for a program artist. We're looking for people to promote the visual arts ... and even teach us a thing or two. For example, we've had painters, sculptors, photographers... they tell us how they got into the arts, how they do their art, how they promote their art and tthen, an art historian who shows us what made them famous.

The new program series start in September.

Give us your suggestions!   Email:

New Program Series – start in September

The Program Committee will be scheduling new lectures and demonstrations for Sept 2017 through May 2018.

Featured Artists

Joanna Mersereau 9/16 -10/7

Show Dates: Sept 16th - October 7th

Reception: Sunday, Sept 23rd 3 - 5pm

I believe that everything is connected—the earth, the sea, all life forms and the universe. My way of showing this philosophy is in my technique of “see-through” arcs and lack of perspective.

Unlike usual perspective which places objects in the foreground as larger, in my paintings size does not matter. As in sumi scrolls, the higher in the painting, the farther is the object. In my paintings, an object can be the same size, whether in foreground or background.

My intention is for the viewer to be engrossed visually in the painting, with the eye continuing to follow new paths in lines, planes and values. The painting is successful if the viewer sees traditional objects which morph into semi-abstract design, then back into representation, a circular path.

Currently my paintings are vertical half sheets, with an underpainting of watercolor and vertical or horizontal dashes in gouache on top. The effect is one of a tapestry when viewed up close. When viewed farther away, the painting becomes one of a usual watercolor.”

Joanna Mersereau, A.W.S.

Davies & Sparhawk 8/19 – 9/15

Sandy Davies

Sandy Davies will be one of the Featured Artists at the Redlands Art Association Gallery downtown Redlands, from August 19 to September 15, 2017. Davies’ watercolors exhibit is concurrent with Judith Sparhawk’s photography exhibit. A “Meet the Artists” reception will be Saturday, August 26 from 5 to 7 pm.

For this exhibit, Davies will be focusing on her love of the small British sports car, the Austin-Healey. Ron Davies, Sandy’s better half, has collected and maintained several beautiful Healeys. Davies’ watercolors will depict the back roads of Southern California, as traveling with her car club bypasses the boring freeways and looks for interesting places off the beaten path. Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of the top down convertible - wind in your hair - as you view her work. However, her travels seldom put the Healey in jeopardy … no gravel or off-roading for the Healey! While watercolors is her love, she has also worked in other media: monoprint, paper collage, acrylics.

Currently, Davies is one of the Gallery Coordinators, staffing the RAA Gallery downtown, as well as publicity and events coordinator . She has been a past chairman of the board of directors, and president of the Redlands Art Association, serving now on the board as secretary. She is a displaying artist in the RAA Gallery and has been since the early 1980s.

A Featured Artist Show by Judith Sparhawk

Bending Reality is the theme of photographer Judith Sparhawk’s Featured Artist Show at Redlands Art Association from August 20th to September 15th.  This is part of a double show featuring the work of both Watercolorist Sandy Davies and Sparhawk.  A reception for both shows will be held on Saturday, August 26th, from 5 to 7 pm.

Sparhawk is well known in the local area for her unique photography, her intricate photo collages, and her beautiful images of Redlands.  She has had her work included in several calendars, national publications and collections.  She has published four books of her photographs and writing. She has won numerous awards in competitions and juried shows.

In recent years Sparhawk has found the most joy and creative inspiration in working with  digital photography, combining images, creating painterly effects, and at times even bordering on surrealism in her work—thus “Bending Reality”.  Her work has developed far from traditional photography, and is both beautiful and thought-provoking. This show will include examples of her photographic art, going well beyond the usual—don’t miss it!

Redlands Art Association’s Gallery is located downtown at 215 E. State Street, Redlands. (909) 792-8435.

The gallery is open from 11 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday.

Teri Adams  7/15-8/4

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 22 from 3-6 pm

Redlands artist and graphic designer Teri Adams will be one of this summer’s featured artists at Redlands Art Association. The exhibit will be on view from July 15 through August 4. The artist reception will be on Saturday, July 22 from 3-6 PM.

Adams’ watermedia paintings are abstract, and not so abstract. Her current works grow from landscape and architectural themes, reacting to what she sees and translating it into form, color, texture and shape.

“I like the idea of using old architectural elements to make a contemporary painting.”

She goes beyond reporting what’s been observed. Blurred lines between objective and subjective imagery coexist within her work, with shapes that suggest, rather than dictate. Continually adjusting color, form, shape and texture during the painting process keeps her looking forward to each new exploration.

From Our Fearless Leaders

August 2017

Hello Everyone!  This is your new president, Maggie Macro. I have lived in Redlands just three years and joined RAA immediately.  I was asked to join the Operating Committee in my first year. Consequently, there are many people who do not know me, so if you see me please introduce yourself if I do not get to you first.

I am taking over at a very exciting time.  As I'm sure you know, we are closing the gallery next week for a major overhaul.  Our new VP, Stephanie Heaston, is leading this endeavor along with her husband and many helpers.  When we reopen on August 11 you can expect to see new carpet on the walls to show off the wall work, newly painted pedestals for the three dimensional work and a new modern desk area. The gallery attendants will be happy to have a comfortable chair to work from which they are going to be choosing soon!

Of course, we are hoping that this new image will increase our sales and visibility in the community, as there are still so many people, even those who have lived here for years, who do not know of our existence.

We now send out the quarterly postcards with our upcoming events and those of us on the board take them to venues in the community.  It would help a great deal if you could come by the gallery and pick up a few to distribute to family, friends and venues and in doing so you will be able to see our improvements and appreciate anew what a wonderful asset this is to Redlands and surrounding areas.

The board consists of a mixture of old and new members and if you are a new member of RAA you will not know any of us.  In the coming months look for a profile of each of us in the newsletter.

Thank you for belonging to RAA.  I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability.  Here's to a great year!

Maggie Macro, RAA President