"The Mission to Educate through Art"

We focus on learning art.

Redlands¬† Art Association’s primary interest is to create and share our love for and appreciation of Art and show how Art contributes to our lives and the culture of our community. It is by our efforts to demonstrate our interest in creativity that we hope to educate and inform our membership and participants in our classes. Whether you just “look in on” our Gallery or “join in” on any of our many activities, workshops, lectures or classes, we invite your participation and look forward to sharing and celebrating Art with you.

Our philosophy of education springs forth from the legacy of our most beloved and admired Art Education Practitioner, whose passing lead us to devote ourselves to her ideals, Margaret Clark. Margaret’s philosophy was based on the belief that there is an “artist” in all of us and a need inside of us to do Art. She insisted that all students gravitate toward their own level of ability and means of expression and creation; that each student’s work “goes on the wall.” By learning to appreciate art we may all achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Our programs are designed to both entertain and inform you. Our classes are designed to be inclusive of all ages and levels of ability. It is through the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere at the RAA Gallery that we too learn about how our community responds through aesthetic appreciation.


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