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RAA News May 2013

Spring/ Summer Adult Art Classes

Rekindle your creative spirit by taking a class or workshop.  RAA has a lineup of terrific teachers who are knowledgeable, creative and very people oriented.  They truly care about their students and give attention to individual needs.  I hear such good comments about our teachers.

Check out the schedule.  It was in last month’s newsletter, is on the RAA website and is in the RAA Gallery in flyer form.  Sign-up by calling or visiting the RAA Gallery.  You’ll be glad you did!

Lori Powell, Adult Education

Join Us all at Art in the Park

Memorial Day Weekend, May 25 & 26, 9am – 5pm

Browse through the park to see all the new art by RAA members and other local artists…70+ artists!    I’m sure some treasures will be found!!  Refreshments by Sigma Phi Sorority, as usual.

Art-in-the-Park at Smiley Park, just off the corner of Citrus and Orange Streets, downtown next to the Police Annex (Old City Hall- oh yeah, check out this building – handsome craftsmanship!)

Also in Smiley Park, behind the Smiley Library, will be the Redlands Festival of Arts, a celebration of the arts for the 125th Anniversary of the City of Redlands.  Indoor and outdoor music performances, excerpts of theatrical works, children’s art fun, food trucks, beer garden and more artists!

Make the weekend full of art!

Sandy Davies

Annual Potluck Dinner

The RAA annual pot luck dinner will be Wednesday, June 5, at 6:00 PM. Members bring the most amazing food; family members and friends are welcome. We will install our officers and committee heads for next year, meet members of our Board of Directors. Our Historian will display some of our collections of newspaper articles and photos.

Wednesday, June 5, at 6:00 PM

Redlands United Church of Christ
168 Bellevue (Bellevue at Olive)

Don’t forget to register for this event so we know how many people to expect. You can do this by calling the gallery. Your Operating Committee and your Board of Directors hope to see you there.

Artist Bios

Dear Fellow Artists,

We are well into the new year and our annual meeting and pot luck dinner are just around the corner and it would be good to have our bio book out on display for the event.

For new members and old members alike, the artist’s bio has a simple format –

  • Page 1: ONE SIDE ONLY: a small photograph, some details about yourself and your art, plus contact details. ie. email address, website ( if you have one).
  • Page 2:  ONE SIDE ONLY: 2 or 3 photographic examples of your work. Make sure your name is on the page and perhaps your email & website address.

Either :email them to me at or print them and put them in my box in the office.

Many thanks

Liz Coviello, Historian in the cupboard.

Executive Director Leaves RAA

Randy Hill, Executive Director since September 2011, has left our organization.

Randy’s responsibilities will be covered by the Chair, Board of Directors, President, and Vice President. We wish him the best in his future endeavors. If anyone has any questions about this, please call me 909-793-8889.

Gail Brownfield, RAA President

MCAEEF’S “Redlands Cinema Classic” Film Series: Special Screening of Disneynature’s Newest Film “Wings of Life”


On Sunday April 21st we presented a special screening of “Wings of Life” the newest film from Disneynature to a packed audience. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to present this beautiful film narrated by Academy Award winner Meryl Streep and directed by Louie Schwartzberg through the generosity of Disneynature and Mr. George Krikorian at his beautiful 14 plex theatre . An added bonus was the attendance of director Schwartzberg and Mr. Krikorian.


Director Schwartzberg described his inspiration for this film as “the joy of doing this film is to be able to explore worlds that humans can’t easily experience-bats sipping nectar in the middle of the desert at night, orchid bees expertly manipulated by a bucket orchid, exotic hummingbirds flying like airborne dancers and a clustering monarch colony with millions of butterflies. I hope to share the spectacle of nature and to spark in others the sense of wonder I have about the natural world.”

“Disneynature to celebrate the debut of this film has made a contribution to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect pollinators worldwide. They have already supported 20 projects across North America focused on protecting pollinators and their habitats. Grants have helped conservationists save endangered butterflies, expand habitat for honeybees and educate children about the importance of pollinators and how they can help protect them.”


In a Q & A after the screening Mr. Schwartzberg emphasized the importance of our awareness of this and encouraged the audience to plant milkweeds to help save the Monarch butterflies. There were many children in the audience some of whom stayed for the Q & A and asked very intelligent questions. Mr. Schwartzberg also recommended to learn more go to

“Wings of Life” is available in DVD Blu-ray Combo pack at local stores as well as online. It is definitely a gift worth giving to anyone who loves nature including yourself.

Annette Weis, co-ordinator

Redlands Cinema Classic photographs by Kent Fogleman

Edwards Show at Redlands First United Methodist Church

Janet and Fred Edwards are currently showing a selection of art work at the Redlands First United Methodist Church at Olive and Cajon in Redlands.  The show will be on display during May and June and will be available for viewing after Sunday church services  and through contact in the church office during the week.  There will be a reception with the artists on  Sunday June 23rd from 2-4 p.m., the week before it closes.

New Etching to Benefit Smiley Library

Janet has created a new etching design in honor of the 125th celebration of the city of Redlands.  The title is “The Lincoln Shrine, A Jewel In Redlands’ Crown”  The edition number is to be 125 and 12 artist proofs.  Number 1/125 has been presented to the Library for their permanent collection as well as reserving a/p #1 and #2 to be auctioned off for the library’s profit during their special celebration in the spring of 2014.  In addition, $25 will be donated to a project of their choosing for each print in the edition that is sold.  The AK Smiley Public Library is indeed worth supporting and preserving and it brings great pleasure to do it in this way.

Janet and Fred Edwards

Losses in the Art Community

The art community has recently lost two men, both who supported/encouraged visual arts and one, who practiced art and mentored it in his students as well.

Dr. Ken Ghormley, was sharp as ever when he was in the gallery just a few weeks before his death. He was instrumental in starting the Redlands Community Hospital art program along with Marianne Finley in the 70’s, while Chief of Staff there. The hospital now has more than 700 pieces in its collection, that bring comfort and soothe patients and families. Dr. Ghormley received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, performing his residency in Urology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He practiced medicine at the Beaver Medical Clinic for 33 years. He was actively involved in supporting the A.K. Smiley Library and the Fortnightly Club. He loved the arts and was a kind and gentle man.

Leon Moburg, a world-renowned artist, had a stint in the U.S. Navy, then attended Monmouth College and graduated Cum Laude from Wesleyan College of Fine Arts, Macon, GA. He then achieved a MFA from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, a doctorate at Ohio State University. While teaching ceramics at UR, he was known as a master teacher, who is remembered by teacher/artist, John Fisher as a “master ceramist, who was responsible for many other ceramists being known today for their own work.

John Brownfield, artist and Emeritus Professor of Art from the University of Redlands was there at the same time as Moburg. He remembers Moburg’s “infectious cackle.” “Leon knew how to enjoy life and was a great cook.”

After UR, Moburg began teaching at Redlands High School and taught more students who became as “cherished” as each person he mentored. He was noted for his unusual techniques in glaze and form.

Tomi Olson

Highlights from the MCAEEF Committee Meeting

The MCAEEF meeting was called to order by Jerry Meeker on Tuesday, April 9, at 3:00 PM.  The trailer for Walt Disney’s “Wings of Life” was shown Wednesday at the Krikorian Theatre  The entire film was shown at 5PM, Sunday April 21.  Annette Weis negotiated with Disneynature to bring the film to Redlands.

RAA needs an electric kiln for firing student’s clay projects.  A grant will be written for financial aid.  Two kilns were donated. Unfortunately,they are not useful for this purpose.

Money is available for grants to elementary schools in Redlands. Applications are at RAA MCAEEF  The possibility of including Junior high level was discussed and is being considered.

Smiley Elementary and Kimberly Elementary have been awarded grants by MCAEEF for after school art classes.

Ed Sotello

Programs & Workshops

September 26 Program: Pastels with Angela Koenig

Exploring Pastels from Soup to Nuts!

by Angela Koenig

Angela Koenig will talk about the Soft Pastel medium on Tuesday, September 26th at 7.00 pm. Programs are free and open to the public. She intends present an A-Z regarding soft pastels, types of paper and techniques. Here’s what Angela has to say about pastels:

Pastels are little gems of pure color! As a medium, they are fun to use and can be incorporated into your artistic works in a variety of ways! Their explosive and vibrant color make your paintings sing, however, many artists often under estimate the fantastic nature of this medium. Artist Angela Koenig will join us on September 26th at 7:00 pm to kick off our new season, and will answer your questions and help you to understand   what makes pastels such a great medium for artists!

Choosing the right pastel is critical and depends upon your use and technique. Angela will explain how to get started with your own collection of colors and most importantly how to keep the colors clean and glowing in your work! Additionally, the presentation will include several substrate options and painting techniques for use of this flexible medium with a number of different mixed media options. We will learn about pastels and their unique qualities; you will not want to miss this opportunity to explore the world of pastels, literally from soup to  nuts!

Over the years, Angela Koenig has developed her artistic skills using a variety of different media, including pastels, encaustics, printmaking, watercolor, acrylic and oil as well as Chinese brush and mixed media. Her spontaneous assembly of color and texture propels her distinctive style as she strives to capture the essential soul of her subjects which range from impressionistic and representational work to abstraction.  In her  mission statement Angela describes her personal artistic orientation - “Most artists concentrate on the visible. I strive to capture what is underneath the superficial layer to convey the very essence of my subjects. I’m not just putting a brush to canvas. Every stroke is an untold story: every painting reflects a vision of vitality and spirit.”  Her work is prismatically vibrant and aesthetically  complex.

As an award winning artist, Angela participates in a number of invitational shows, including the San Dimas Festival of Arts, and was one of only three American artists featured by the Escondido Museum of Art in a recent showing of international Encaustic works. She has been asked to give presentations on a variety of mediums as well as conduct workshops and demonstrations for various regional art groups.  Her work has been featured in several magazines, and she is currently a working member of the Critical Eye Studio, and well as the Palm Springs Art Museum Artist Council.


Program committee looking for members

The Program committee will be convening in July-August to develop the next Program series.

Committee members help select the artists - demonstrators - lecturers for the Programs. Each member choses or is assigned one of the program artists, handles the contact information for the artist and makes sure he/she has everything for their program.  Once the committee secures the program artists, they don't meet as a committee until the next summer.

Fun and exciting to meet other artists - usually from out of the area.  Contact the gallery coordinators to sign up.  Email: or talk to Liz, Linda, Judith or Sandy at the gallery.

Program Committee looking for program artists

Please contact the Gallery if you have a suggestion for a program artist. We're looking for people to promote the visual arts ... and even teach us a thing or two. For example, we've had painters, sculptors, photographers... they tell us how they got into the arts, how they do their art, how they promote their art and tthen, an art historian who shows us what made them famous.

The new program series start in September.

Give us your suggestions!   Email:

Featured Artists

Bruce Herwig 10/7-27

Reception: Saturday, October 7 | 3:00-5:00 pm

Redlands Photo Enthusiast Bruce Herwig will be displaying his photography, coloring books and love for all things Redlands.

Light refreshments served. Attendees will have their choice of free coloring pages. Free and open to the public.

Joanna Mersereau 9/16 -10/7

Show Dates: Sept 16 - October 7

Reception: Saturday, Sept 23 4:30-6:30

I believe that everything is connected—the earth, the sea, all life forms and the universe. My way of showing this philosophy is in my technique of “see-through” arcs and lack of perspective.

Unlike usual perspective which places objects in the foreground as larger, in my paintings size does not matter. As in sumi scrolls, the higher in the painting, the farther is the object. In my paintings, an object can be the same size, whether in foreground or background.

My intention is for the viewer to be engrossed visually in the painting, with the eye continuing to follow new paths in lines, planes and values. The painting is successful if the viewer sees traditional objects which morph into semi-abstract design, then back into representation, a circular path.

Currently my paintings are vertical half sheets, with an underpainting of watercolor and vertical or horizontal dashes in gouache on top. The effect is one of a tapestry when viewed up close. When viewed farther away, the painting becomes one of a usual watercolor.”

Joanna Mersereau, A.W.S.

Davies & Sparhawk 8/19 – 9/15

Sandy Davies

Sandy Davies will be one of the Featured Artists at the Redlands Art Association Gallery downtown Redlands, from August 19 to September 15, 2017. Davies’ watercolors exhibit is concurrent with Judith Sparhawk’s photography exhibit. A “Meet the Artists” reception will be Saturday, August 26 from 5 to 7 pm.

For this exhibit, Davies will be focusing on her love of the small British sports car, the Austin-Healey. Ron Davies, Sandy’s better half, has collected and maintained several beautiful Healeys. Davies’ watercolors will depict the back roads of Southern California, as traveling with her car club bypasses the boring freeways and looks for interesting places off the beaten path. Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of the top down convertible - wind in your hair - as you view her work. However, her travels seldom put the Healey in jeopardy … no gravel or off-roading for the Healey! While watercolors is her love, she has also worked in other media: monoprint, paper collage, acrylics.

Currently, Davies is one of the Gallery Coordinators, staffing the RAA Gallery downtown, as well as publicity and events coordinator . She has been a past chairman of the board of directors, and president of the Redlands Art Association, serving now on the board as secretary. She is a displaying artist in the RAA Gallery and has been since the early 1980s.

A Featured Artist Show by Judith Sparhawk

Bending Reality is the theme of photographer Judith Sparhawk’s Featured Artist Show at Redlands Art Association from August 20th to September 15th.  This is part of a double show featuring the work of both Watercolorist Sandy Davies and Sparhawk.  A reception for both shows will be held on Saturday, August 26th, from 5 to 7 pm.

Sparhawk is well known in the local area for her unique photography, her intricate photo collages, and her beautiful images of Redlands.  She has had her work included in several calendars, national publications and collections.  She has published four books of her photographs and writing. She has won numerous awards in competitions and juried shows.

In recent years Sparhawk has found the most joy and creative inspiration in working with  digital photography, combining images, creating painterly effects, and at times even bordering on surrealism in her work—thus “Bending Reality”.  Her work has developed far from traditional photography, and is both beautiful and thought-provoking. This show will include examples of her photographic art, going well beyond the usual—don’t miss it!

Redlands Art Association’s Gallery is located downtown at 215 E. State Street, Redlands. (909) 792-8435.

The gallery is open from 11 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday.

From Our Fearless Leaders

September 2017

I'm sure we will all be breathing a sigh of relief as we head into cooler days, and let's be thankful that no fires or floods are surrounding us and spare some thoughts for those affected.

August has been a very lively month in the gallery and, even though we were closed for a week for the refurbish, our sales have been strong. (Please read about our stalwart refurbish volunteers in Behind the Scenes this month)

We reopened the gallery August 11th for our take-in, while the carpet was still being hung on the walls!  However, it all came together on Sunday 13th when we had a joint reception for our gallery show and the talented young guest artists, Jen Nguyen and Alex Torres. We had a really nice crowd in the gallery with, of course, many comments about the new look.

During the following week we also featured Art from The Archives for sale in the main gallery, where we had a wide variety of art available. A wonderful opportunity to buy great art by some of our former members and other artists.

A week later our very own Sandy Davies showed her watercolors and Judith Sparhawk her photography, as our guest artists.  Sandy's husband Bill drew a crowd by parking their Austin Healey outside and telling tales of their adventures in it while he poured the wine.  We think it should be there for every show!  Another lively crowd filled the galleries and there may never have been such a big attendance before.

You can look forward to seeing the amazing water colors of Joanna Mersereau as out guest this month as well our gallery show Wild Wild West.  The reception for both will be Sept. 16th. at 4.30. There is a plan afoot to have music at receptions; I hope it works.

Finally, don't forget the film series begins on Sept.19.

I hope to see you at an event.

Maggie Macro