Operating Committee

2013 -14 Members of the RAA Operating Committee

President: Gail Brownfield

Vice President: Tony Radcliffe

Corresponding Secretary: Cheryl O’Connor

Recording Secretary: Ann Brandt

Treasurer:  Janelle Winters

Adult Education: Tomi Olson

Youth Education: Karen Coates

Hospitality: Cheryl O’Conner;  Monthly Program Hospitality: Ruth Wood

Events: Sandy Davies

Exhibit Take-In: Pat Meeker

Exhibit Hanging: Margaret Gooding

Featured Artist Corner: Patty Hayden/Evelyn Ifft

Gallery Oversight: Jerry Meeker

Gallery Maintenance: Francis Wiley

Historian & Bios: Liz Coviello

MCAEEF: Jerry Meeker

Membership: Linda Willason/Judy Blair

Records: Tia Shira

Newsletter: Grace Fermier

Website: Candy Glendening

Programs & Workshops: Lori Powell

Publicity: Sandy Davies

Calendar:  Victoria Lawson


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Upcoming Events

2nd Annual RAA Tea

RAA members are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Tea ~ an afternoon of enjoying each other's company.  Light refreshments and tea, of course, will be served.  Sunday, January 25 from 3 to 5pm at the Gallery.  Please RSVP for you and your guests by stopping by or calling 909-792-8435.

Jan 27 Program w/Dr. Nathan Gonzalez

Special Program at RAA Gallery and Art Center on Tue, January 27, 2015, 7pm – 8pm by Dr. Nathan Gonzalez at the Gallery.Dr. Gonzales will speak on “History vs. Memory: Redlands and the Creation/Recreation/Fabrication of a Cultural Institution. Dr. Nathan Gonzalez is Head Archivist and Curator of the Special Collections for the Smiley Library, and the Curator of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine.  RAA Gallery and Art Center, 215 E. State Street, downtown.

Jan 13 Special lecture at ESRI

Special Program at ESRI, Tue, January 13, 2015, 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  “Indian Performance of Spanish Music in California’s Missions: Little Known, Unexpected and Unforgettable.” by Dr. James Sandos. For info and reservations: www.esri.com/events/redlands-form