Mission and Values

The mission of the Redlands Art Association is to enrich lives and promote a vibrant society by inspiring creativity, nurturing individual expression, and supporting the visual arts.

Our Core Values

Inclusiveness: We respect and appreciate all visual artists and supporters. We make space for all members—new and long time—and honor their contributions.

Volunteerism: We encourage active participation for the common good and wellbeing of our community. As a volunteer-driven organization, your action makes our existence possible.

Artistic Growth: We believe in fostering and expanding the skills of creative expression so that artists may grow.

Education: We actively support and develop ongoing visual arts education programs for learners of all ages.

Connectivity: We serve as a vital hub in order to strengthen and promote the visual arts in our region.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves and the business of the organization with high ethical standards and responsible financial stewardship.

Innovation: We welcome and value new ideas, methods, and best practices not only in our respective disciplines but in the evolution of the association itself.

Fun: We bring joy to our interactions, gatherings, events, activities, and the business of our organization.

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Upcoming Events

Gallery Closed August 5-11

Refreshing the Gallery:  Gallery closing Saturday, August 5th until Friday, August 11th.

August 4th is Take- Down only! The new show Celebrate has been postponed for one week to the 11th of August.

The gallery is closed from 5-10th August, inclusive.

Please, please, please, either collect your art on Friday 4th August between 9am and 7pm or make arrangements to collect it in the week prior to Take-Down.

What does refreshing entail? Replacing the carpet on the walls, painting, moving and rearranging furniture and more…. we don’t want to put art in the shed but if it’s left behind that’s where it will go - jewelry into plastic bags, table items wrapped as best as possible in newspaper and paintings between cardboard. I know some artists were upset for the MMMS because we were ringing them to collect their art and it wasn’t convenient… but what if that picture or table art had been damaged? Nobody wants that to happen.

If you would like to help in some way with Refreshing the Gallery, there is a sign-up sheet on the desk for names and telephone numbers.

Take-In for the “Celebrate” theme show moved to August 11th.

August 11th is Take-In for Celebrate between 9am and 7pm. The Opening Reception will be a joint reception with our Guest Artists Lex Torres is from Rancho Cucamonga and Jen Handi from Riverside on Sunday 13th August at 2pm. Come and see our refurbished gallery, meet the guest artists and see you own work on display.

Photoshop for Beginners

5 WEEK CLASS | Thursdays, June 22-July 206:30-8:30 pm 

Taught by RAA member Bruce Herwig.

$70 For Members | $95 For Non-Members

Ready to take your photo editing to the next level? The class will including an overview of the software, image enhancement and manipulation. Students are encouaged to bring their own images to learn with.

Students should bring their own computer and have a copy of PhotoShop CC (Creative Cloud) loaded on their machine. Free trial version available @ adobe.com/photoshop 


Art Alive! in Redlands

Beautiful flowers for our ART ALIVE! in REDLANDS

Our artists do great work portraying the beauty of Mother Nature’s flowers,   but it takes the real thing to show how well they did. We were elated with the florists who participated.  Many Thanks to the creative spirits of our local florists! 

Redlands Art Association’s Gallery and Art Center welcomed the floral art in their ART ALIVE in Redlands! exhibit during the month of April. Florists were invited to choose a piece of art from the exhibit and create their art to coordinate or contrast the piece for display at RAA’s Open House, April 22 & 23.

ART ALIVE in Redlands! is in conjunction with the Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society’s Garden Tour that weekend where RAA is one of their garden stops.   It is so rewarding to hear our visitors ooh and ahh over the art & the flowers.

Above the Stem Floral Studio created an arrangement of succulents to compliment Michael Camo’s bird paintings;

The Black Orchid Designs chose two pieces making a vase full of alluring blue iris to augment Judith Sparhawk’s  “iris” photo and a stunning  stand of scarlet roses that blended with Joyce Hatzidakis’ “Rose” painting.

Bird Abode by Joanna Ohnemus matched her painting, “Garden Guests” by making a wooden vase with plantable succulents;

Sandy Davies designed a creekside rock garden to extend Sheila LeBlanc’s painting,” Mammoth Springs”.

Hockridge Florist really got into the spirit by choosing four paintings.

Using special treatments they produced an arrangement of pink roses, tinged with blue to match Morgan McCloskey’s   “Kaleidoscope Rose”

and then fit carnation blooms into a tight square frame and painted them to match the abstract painting,” Earth Flow”, by Barbara Gould.


Their spray of spring flowers brought out the gold in Cherie Burris’ “Pair of Daffodils”

and the fragile red poppies stood  up to Judith Sparhawk’s “Dragonfly” photo.

Thank you again goes out to our florists.

Hockridge Florist - Dragonfly by Judith Sparhawk