Board of Directors



  • Larry Harvill, Chairman
  • Sandy Davies, Secretary
  • Janelle Winters, Treasurer

Members with terms ending 2015

  • Kris Bussard
  • Shirlee Leonard
  • Penny McElroy
  • Francis Wiley


  • Sandy Davies
  • Tomi Olson
  • Janelle Winters
  • Tony Radcliffe


  • Larry Harvill
  • Jan Harvey
  • Christine White
  • Shirley Harry
  • Diana Mclaughlin


  • Gail Brownfield, President
  • Judith Sparhawk, Past President


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Upcoming Events

New Date for Theme Park Program

Note: An unexpected program conflict occurred for Bill Butler, so the date of his program The Art and Imagination of Theme Park Design, has been changed to Tuesday, May 17 at 7 PM.

Butler_Tent-and-Animals_01b   Butler-Calico-Mine-Ride-Square-Set-Greeter

THE ART OF IMAGINATION OF THEME PARK DESIGN with Bill Butler Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 PM.  Bill Butler, director of creative design for Garner Holt Productions in San Bernardino, the world’s foremost theme park design and animatronics production company, will be the guest artist for the Redlands Art Association. Butler will explain the breadth of his creative work, which he describes as involving all the theatrical arts. Envisioning and producing a theme park attraction involves everything from drawing, painting, modelmaking, scripting, sculpting, molding, plastics production, casting, skin production, steel armature, fiberglass production, mechanical systems engineering and building, costuming, fur-application, electronic control systems, video and audio media production, programming, architecture, structural engineering, people management, water, power, air management, vehicle design and production, life safety systems, lighting, audio, projection and visual effects, merchandising, to maintenance. A fully cohesive attraction engages the viewers so fully that they are unaware of the integration of the many elements. Ultimately, the audience no longer views the attraction but becomes an immersed participant. Bill Butler, 29 has been living his lifelong dream for a decade working at Garner Holt where he designs and produces theme park attractions. His passion for creative work began early in life. As a child, while his father was serving in the military in Operation Desert Storm, Butler and his mother spent nearly every weekend at Disneyland where he soon realized that creating his favorite rides was actually someone’s job, one he could aspire to having. Starting with Lego models and shoebox dioramas, Butler began to develop a vision and passion for his life’s work. In high school and college, working as a page at the Smiley Library and the Lincoln Shrine in Redlands, he became so fascinated by the life of Abraham Lincoln that he created a model of a Lincoln attraction that he pitched to Garner Holt, hoping to land an internship with the company. His tenacity paid off and Garner Holt hired the then nineteen year-old, a college student majoring in journalism at the University of Redlands. In his ten years with Garner Holt, Butler has traveled to Asia and Europe meeting with clients, pitching ideas and producing attractions. He has completed projects for Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios. In 2013 he had the opportunity to reimagine his favorite childhood attraction: the Calico Mine Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, which he enthusiastically describes as a dream come true. Recently, he has been at work on a flight simulator attraction at Seattle’s Pier 5, on the waterfront near Pike’s Place Market. Many other of Butler’s projects remain top secret. With little formal training in the field, Butler has spent his twenties at Garner Holt learning his multifaceted and creative work by doing. He remains contagiously passionate and excited by his work. “Every day, I get to do all I ever wanted to do,” Butler said. Come and hear about Bill Butler’s captivating work. — Submitted by Lori Powell


Flowers in the Gallery!

Flowers explode at RAA Gallery show

Oohh.. Aahh!  Like fireworks, the beauty of the flower gets rave reviews from onlookers.  Redlands Art Association’s Gallery and Art Center will burst with floral art in their

ART ALIVE in Redlands! is in conjunction with the Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society’s Garden Tour the weekend of April 16 & 17.  The Gallery will have special hours as a stop on the tour: Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 4:30 pm. ART ALIVE in Redlands! exhibit during the month of April. Florists are invited to choose a piece of art from the exhibit and create their art to coordinate or contrast the piece for display at RAA’s Open House, April 16 & 17.   “What’s more natural than flowers and art?”, asks Sandy Davies, exhibit coordinatorDSCN4185-2.      DSCN4194-2  “The past floral creations have beautiful, stunning, and sometimes whimsical.”  Come see what develops this year.

Also at the Gallery, meet Joanne Ohnemus, on Saturday, April 16 from 1-4 pm at her Featured Artist reception.

“Garden Party” is the theme of Joanne Ohnemus’ Featured Artist show.  Ohnemus, also known as Bird Abode, has been a member of the Redlands Art Association for more than 25 years, showing her bird houses and garden related art.  Although her medium in the early years was watercolor, acrylic, oil photography, monoprint and collage, her art now uses wood, recycled materials and cast away objects.  Most of the art relates to nature and the great outdoors, but once in a while she’ll take up some abstract fun design.

Ohnemis-1Visit the Gallery and Art Center at 215 E. State Street, downtown, Redlands.  For more information, call 909-792-8435.

4-24-16 Art-On-State-Street

The Redlands Art Association invites you to browse the arts at ART-ON-STATE STREET on Sunday April 24, 2016 from noon to 6pm.  The block of State Street between 5th and 6th Street will be dedicated to RAA artist’s …  their canopies, tables, racks and standards lined up with easy pedestrian walking down the middle of the street.   Both fine arts and crafts will be offered out on the street.

RAA is participating with Redlands’ Downtown ArtWalk.  The day’s fun also includes a Kid’s Zone, sidewalk chalk art, bake sales, beer garden, food trucks and music. The whole DSCN6328-2downtown area will be involved!  Many businesses will have solo art shows - Cheesewalla food truck at Civic Plaza and Fire_Apizzaco at Ed Hales park. Renaissance Banquet Hall, upstairs at 19 E. Citrus will be hosting The Fan Four at 1pm. Stop out for great local food, drinks, art, and music!

RAA’s Gallery at 215 E. State Street will also be open during the event.

DSCN6334-2      DSCN6339-2