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February 2015

I am sorry to have to report disappointing but understandable news.  Gail Brownfield has resigned as the RAA President effective immediately.  She has been an amazing President over the past few years, having led us with great dedication, understanding, and suburb vision.  Gail has been a leader with a firm hand, patience, and a sincereContinue Reading

Upcoming Events

Art-On-State-Street and Downtown Redlands ArtWalk

RAA’s ART-ON-STATE STREET is again joining Downtown Redlands ArtWalk  on Sunday, March 29, downtown on State Street between Orange & 6th Streets.  The two blocks of State Street between Orange and 6th Street will be closed to vehicular traffic and the artist’s wares will fill the street.   Like Market Night, the artists will have their canopies, tables, racks and standards lined up State Street with easy pedestrian walking down the middle of the street.   Both fine arts and crafts will be offered out on the street. The event is one day only, Sunday March 29 from Noon to 6 pm.  Come join in on the fun.  The event is also featuring @thestateonstate serving food at Ed Hales park.   As always the wonderful folks at the Citrograph Foundation will be serving up your favorite ‪#‎local‬ ‪#‎beer‬ ‪#‎hangar24‬ ‪#‎ritual‬ ‪#‎redlandsca‬.

Program Feb 17: Ed Sotello

"My Way with Watercolor" with Ed Sotello


sotello-1Award winning artist and popular teacher, Ed Sotello, will be the guest speaker at the Redlands Art Association Gallery on Tuesday, February 17th @ 7:00 p.m.  Sotello is a man who loves life, art and making art.  Truly he is an art “man of all seasons.”  He is enthusiastic about creating in so many media, be it watercolor, oil, printmaking, clay or a tree log chiseled into a sculpture.  Playing the piano, singing and writing poetry are among other of his creative endeavors.

On Tuesday evening, Sotello will share information about himself, his feelings about art and his artwork, as well as demonstrate in one of his favorite mediums, watercolor.  He enjoys the spontaneity that watercolor offers and how he can achieve beautiful transparent areas that contrast with his opaque’s, while conveying what he feels.  His paintings are representational, but painted with a loose approach that is personally expressive.  He paints lovely portraits from live models and wonderful landscapes on location.  He rejects the use of photographs that limit his painterly approach. During the program Sotello will relate “his way with watercolor,” to a brief, art history presentation that will begin with the Altamira cave paintings.

Sotello has extensively studied art, starting in his hometown of Bakersfield, at CSUB;sotello-3followed by Otis Art Institute, L.A.; Oakland’s College of Arts and Crafts; University of Denver, CO (BFA); University of Redlands, CA (Teaching Credential); and Claremont Graduate University, CA (MA).  Also, hehas studied in Japan, Western Europe and Mexico.

Besides being a talented artist, Sotello has had a long career of teaching art. For 33 years, he taught at Yucaipa High School, has taught at UCR Extension, San Bernardino Valley College, Crafton Hills College and Patton State Hospital.  At the present he teaches adult watercolor classes for RAA, as well as occasional classes for youth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Ed Sotello.  He will                                                                                              be an inspiration to all who attend.

The Tuesday evening program is free to all.


In this workshop, under the guidance and influence of Ed Sotello, you might push out of your safe zone and into a looser, painterly style.  Sotello will demonstrate various watercolor techniques and problem solving.  Students will also experiment with incorporating collage into watercolor paintings; as well as the opportunity to explore doing a tape painting.  Developing a good composition will also be emphasized and each participant will take home completed compositions.  Beginning and advanced students will be able to expand their painting horizons with new experiences.

  • Workshop Fee: $70 members / $75 non-members
  • Supply list will be available at sign up



Enter the MMM Show!

The Multi Media Mini Show is open to all artists!

Get your creative thinking cap on!  Get to the studio and make us some art!   Art that makes us say, “Wow!” or “Hmmm!”.

The MMM Show is open to all California artists and/or RAA members.  Artists can submit up to three 3D or 2D pieces.  Multi-media means… anything!  Strict size limitation:  must fit within a 14.5-cube, including frame and/or base.  Our judge, Leslie A. Brown, will select which pieces will be put in the show, as well as give out the awards.  Since the prospectus/entry form will no longer be mailed out, it will be available at the Redlands Art Association, 215 E. State St., downtown, Redlands and on their website here: 2015 MMM Prospectus-Insurance E-FORM

All entries must be hand delivered to the RAA Gallery on Sunday, March 1, between 10am - 4pm. Winners of the competition will participate in over  $ 3000 in cash and product awards.   Purchase Award Patrons will select their art pieces at a private showing before the exhibit opens for the public.

Grand Opening Gala will be Friday, March 6 from 5pm to 7pm.  The Artist’s Award Ceremony will be on Sunday, March 8.

“Our show is more than just a display of small pieces of art.  It is a collection of little "gems" ... you’ll want to get up close while viewing.” says Grace Fermier, long-time RAA supporter.

For further information on how to enter or become a Purchase Award Patron, please visit the Redlands Art Association at 215 E. State St., downtown Redlands, visit the website or call, 909-792-8435.



Art shows are usually focused on one type of art – like photography or wall art: oils, watercolors, acrylics.

Someone is chosen to judge the art that was submitted for the show.  The judge would be known for his/her experience in the arts.  He does not need to be an artist but someone in the art realm.

For most shows today, the art image is sent by email and scanned onto a DVD so the judge can view it on a computer or projector screen.  The judge is told how many pieces the organizers want in the exhibit.  Then he choses which pieces will be shown in the exhibit.  Sometimes the judge chooses which pieces get prizes from their image on the DVD or he waits to see the exhibit up on the wall, when he can see the actual piece.

For the Multi Media Mini Show, the art is brought into the Gallery for viewing by the juror.  He is told he will have to consider not just the traditional art techniques but what the artist did to create his piece.  I mean, there is nothing traditional about putting a bunch of nuts, bolts, paperclips and do-dads together to create wall art and yet, the effort has to be appreciated.

The judge also chooses which pieces win an award.  He considers the prize – First place, Second place, or if it is a specific award – like “Best Watercolor”.  He reviews the pieces he has chosen for the show and selects which ones he likes the best or is the best fit for the prize.

When an artist’s work is chosen in a juried show, he gets bragging rights!

It is a star on his resume and the art piece can be featured in his portfolio.  Kinda like getting nominated for the Academy Awards.  Now if he wins an award in the show, he can feel like he’s got the Oscar in his hands.


Of course, each juror is different and one piece of art not-accepted for this show may be accepted in another show by a different juror.

The rule of thumb is to keep making art and showing it off.  Sharing your art is most rewarding!  Enter as many exhibits you qualify for.

Sandy Davies, MMM Show committee

Featured Artists

Julie Evans 1/31-2/27

Julie R. Evans is Committed to Her Art

February’s featured artist is Julie R. Evans of Highland, California. Her work will be on display until February 27. As she is a member of the Redlands Art Association, many of you are already familiar with her realistic and representational work, having seen her paintings hang at the gallery, Art in the Park, or at local art events.


Evans is deeply committed to her art. She expressed, “I have been oil painting for over 35 years and I know that it has enriched my life. Even if no one had ever appreciated a single piece of my artwork, I am still ahead because I, myself, have benefitted. There is just something wonderful about being able to pursue one’s many interests; and art, for me, is more than a passing interest. I am filled with satisfaction when I learn something new while painting or when someone decides to take one of my paintings home. I feel my ability increase with every mile I put behind the brush. Time, patience, and diligent hours in the studio are paying off.”

She recalls, “I can sit at an art festival inside my E-Z Up just waiting. Then all of the sudden my booth is full. Several paintings are actually holding someone’s interest. Wow, I think. I well up with warmth and my smile broadens at some comment such as ‘Beautiful work’ or ‘I know that place’. Others ask questions, ‘Where is this place? It looks so familiar’ or ‘Where did you get the idea to paint that one?’. It is very satisfying to have people interact with my work. They say a sale/purchase is the ultimate compliment and I am lucky to have those too.”


“However”, Evans continued, “one of the joys in painting is that because anyone can do it, I have so many others with whom to share my experience. There are so many nice people out there painting and I have attended several group painting activities where I have learned so much (including non-art related) from so many others who also appreciate art in general and enjoy spending time painting or doing another art medium. We all seem to share a unified goal—to express something. It is encouraging to pursue with others what our hearts long to be doing. And while we are doing it we certainly can all feel honored to claim that wonderful title ‘Artist’.”

Come see this month's featured artist, Julie Evans at Redlands Art Association gallery. On display, for sale, through February 27th, Evans has oil paintings, acrylic, mixed media, and watercolor in this show.


Ray Swanson Jan 3-30


Advance notice for special Ray Swanson Exhibition

This coming January we will be holding a special one-person exhibition in the west gallery for a former RAA member Ray Swanson who was a city engineer from 1964-1974.  Ray became a famous painter of the southwest and especially Native Americans with an emphasis on the children.

His paintings featured the Navajo, Suni, and Hopi.  See example below.  Although passing away in 2004, 27 of his paintings sold at auctions throughout the US in 2012 for nearly $435,000.

There will be a special reception on Sunday, January 4th at the RAA Gallery and Art Center from 2 to 4:30pm.  Swanson’s widow, Beverly, will be giving a short talk.  Please mark your calendars, an RSVP will be requested.  Call 909-792-8435 to RSVP.

Special Program at ESRI, Tue, January 13, 2015, 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  "Indian Performance of Spanish Music in California's Missions: Little Known, Unexpected and Unforgettable." by Dr. James Sandos. For info and reservations:

Special Program at RAA Gallery and Art Center on Tue, January 27, 2015, 7pm – 8pm by Dr. Nathan Gonzalez at the Gallery.Dr. Gonzales will speak on "History vs. Memory: Redlands and the Creation/Recreation/Fabrication of a Cultural Institution. Dr. Nathan Gonzalez is Head Archivist and Curator of the Special Collections for the Smiley Library, and the Curator of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine.

Larry Harvill,  Chair, Board of Directors


Jeff Owens Dec. 6 – Jan 3

Featured Artist Owens' "Peeks at the Peaks" at RAA

Redlands artist, Jeff Owens, will be the featured artist at the Redlands Art Association Gallery for the month of December. Owens' exhibit will open December 7thand continue through the month.

The exhibit, titled "Peeks at the Peaks" will feature a suite of small acrylic paintings each incorporating a landscape composition built around the many mountain peaks that surround the Redlands area. Each piece will incorporate three basic elements: the contour of a mountain peak or peaks, the sky above, and trees of the urban forest of Redlands below. All the peaks selected are from what the artist can see from in and around the neighborhood where he lives.

Owens, who grew up in Redlands, has been a member of the Art Association since it first began. From cartooning to fine art pieces, Owens has won enumerable awards and honors. He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. His work is in many public and private collections. Now retired from teaching he spends his time involved with several art and design projects.

"Peeks at the Peeks" was created specifically for this exhibit.