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April 2105

April 2105

For more than 20 years the Redlands Art Association has offered a successful art program for the children of Redlands and the surrounding communities. Over the last 3 years, the program has evolved into a more refined and academic based curriculum while keeping each child’s individual creativity a priority. In addition to our wonderful YouthContinue Reading

Upcoming Events

Encaustics with Charlie Ciali

charlie ciali

Friday & Saturday, May 1 & 2, 10:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Think “hot wax” when you think of encaustics. Encaustic painting is a 4,000 year old painting technique using wax mixed with damar resin to create transparent layers that are then painted on a surface. You will explore how wax is heated and how to add colors while it’s hot. Then colors are spread on a board, canvass, etc. to create a painting. Paintings can evolve from the running together of different colors and re-created using heat. Charlie holds a BFA in ceramics from Daemen College in NY. Following his graduate studies in Edinboro, PA. he opened and curated his own gallery. In Palm Springs, he mentors high school students pursuing art as a career, teaches students through the Arts Institute of Palm Springs and the Palm Springs USD, where he instructs printmaking for grades three to 12. You may view his work at the Redlands Community Hospital Foundations Evening with the artists on April 24th at 5:30 - 7 p.m. Or visit his website at Fee: $190 for both days; discounted Member fee: $150

Drawing Class w/John Brownfield

Five WEDNESDAYS, April 22 - May 20 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This class presents work for those at beginning and intermediate skill level drawing will be taught by John Brownfield, MFA, noted artist, and Professor Emeritus UR. Classes will help you learn skills and techniques used in creating observation-based realistic drawings. Basic perspective, use of light and dark to depict three dimensional illusions, and fundamentals of composition, etc. are covered in this class. Supply list available at the gallery. Brownfield grew up in Chicago and received his BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He taught at the University of Redlands from 1965 to 2003. Brownfield strongly identifies with figurative traditions of the Renaissance artists and confesses that he loves great drawing. His works emphasize his skillful drawing sometimes with great wit. Fee: $110, Member discount: $80 You may view more of his work at

Flowers explode at RAA Gallery

Oohh.. Aahh!  Like fireworks, the beauty of the flower gets rave reviews from onlookers.  Redlands Art Association’s Gallery and Art Center will burst with floral art in their ART ALIVE in Redlands! exhibit during the month of April.

Florists will be invited to choose a piece of art from the exhibit and create their art to coordinate or contrast the piece for display at RAA’s Open House, April 18 & 19   “What’s more natural than flowers and art?”, asks Sandy Davies, exhibit coordinator.

ART ALIVE in Redlands! is in conjunction with the Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society’s Garden Tour the weekend of April 18 & 19.  The Gallery will have special hours as a stop on the tour: Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm.

    2013 photos  DSCN7666

Featured Artists

Won Madeline Koh 4/18 – 5/8

April 18 - May 8, 2015.

Won Madeline Koh, known for her heart-warming and expressive style, will be a featured artist at the Redlands Art Association from April 18 - May 8, 2015.


Her works have appeared on numerous book covers as well as on the Federal Duck Stamp Art Exhibition at the San Bernardino County Museum, National Orange Show Exhibition, and many more.

Award-winning Won Madeline Koh has been the featured artist at the Redlands Art Association gallery, Loma Linda Civic Center, and Loma Linda University Drayson center.


David Ficke March 28 – April 17

Dave Ficke Photography Show at the Redlands Art Association

March 28th through April 17th

Dave’s thirty years as an environmental educator and life-long wildlife enthusiast has nurtured a love of nature and its beauty, which he has captured in his photographs.  Long an advocate of conservation and stewardship of our natural environment, he has passionately taught those principals as a high school science teacher in Upland, California.

Raised in Glendora, CA by parents who were avid campers, Dave, his sister and mom and dad would take off on weekends, hiking, boating, and skiing throughout the lakes, deserts, and mountains of Southern California. As a young man, he discovered Yosemite National Park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, and it quickly became the home of his heart, the place to which he always returned for inspiration and renewal.  As an educator, Dave has been taking high school students to Yosemite every year for twenty-five years with the Yosemite Institute program. This nationally recognized, award-winning outdoor education program reinforces the standards of field biology and natural history he teaches in his classroom.

His photographs mirror his love of California wildlife.  From the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, through the stark and searing vistas of the deserts and oases, to the ever-changing Pacific Ocean, Dave has photographed vistas grand and sweeping, as well as those intimate and familiar.  He invites his fellow hikers, campers, wildflower seekers, environmental advocates, animal lovers and armchair travelers to relish the wonders of our fast-dwindling natural environment, cherishing what we have and fiercely striving to save it for coming generations.







Julie Evans 1/31-2/27

Julie R. Evans is Committed to Her Art

February’s featured artist is Julie R. Evans of Highland, California. Her work will be on display until February 27. As she is a member of the Redlands Art Association, many of you are already familiar with her realistic and representational work, having seen her paintings hang at the gallery, Art in the Park, or at local art events.


Evans is deeply committed to her art. She expressed, “I have been oil painting for over 35 years and I know that it has enriched my life. Even if no one had ever appreciated a single piece of my artwork, I am still ahead because I, myself, have benefitted. There is just something wonderful about being able to pursue one’s many interests; and art, for me, is more than a passing interest. I am filled with satisfaction when I learn something new while painting or when someone decides to take one of my paintings home. I feel my ability increase with every mile I put behind the brush. Time, patience, and diligent hours in the studio are paying off.”

She recalls, “I can sit at an art festival inside my E-Z Up just waiting. Then all of the sudden my booth is full. Several paintings are actually holding someone’s interest. Wow, I think. I well up with warmth and my smile broadens at some comment such as ‘Beautiful work’ or ‘I know that place’. Others ask questions, ‘Where is this place? It looks so familiar’ or ‘Where did you get the idea to paint that one?’. It is very satisfying to have people interact with my work. They say a sale/purchase is the ultimate compliment and I am lucky to have those too.”


“However”, Evans continued, “one of the joys in painting is that because anyone can do it, I have so many others with whom to share my experience. There are so many nice people out there painting and I have attended several group painting activities where I have learned so much (including non-art related) from so many others who also appreciate art in general and enjoy spending time painting or doing another art medium. We all seem to share a unified goal—to express something. It is encouraging to pursue with others what our hearts long to be doing. And while we are doing it we certainly can all feel honored to claim that wonderful title ‘Artist’.”

Come see this month's featured artist, Julie Evans at Redlands Art Association gallery. On display, for sale, through February 27th, Evans has oil paintings, acrylic, mixed media, and watercolor in this show.